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Miss Universe USA Contestants

About MUO

The Miss Universe Organization empowers women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best. A confident woman has the power to make real change, starting in her local community with the potential to reach a global audience. We encourage every woman to get out of her comfort zone, be herself, and continue to define what it means to be Confidently Beautiful.

Beautiful Women

Run by Women for Women

We are a company built on a foundation of inclusion, and we continue to be a celebration of diversity. Annually, nearly 10,000 young women participate in Miss Universe competition events. The mission of the organization is to provide the tools that help women to be their personal best. Self-confidence is the key, and every woman should have the ability to stand up in any situation and declare, "I am secure, and that's what makes me beautiful!"

Breaking Stereotypes

Research has shown the number one obstacle for women to overcome in reaching their potential in any endeavor is a lack of self-confidence. In doing so, our contestants and titleholders have the opportunity to grow as women and be confident in any goal they choose to pursue. While we are a competition, the women who participate also learn to help one another and create a network of friends and colleagues from which to draw support.

Miss Universe Initiatives

The Miss Universe Organization empowers women to realize their personal, professional, and philanthropic goals through experiences that build self-confidence and act as catalysts for future success. We celebrate beauty, all forms of it, and provide the tools that help women to feel their most beautiful: "Confidently Beautiful." As leaders and role models within their communities, our contestants and titleholders work to affect positive change through volunteering, fund-raising, and advocacy. During their reign, our winners are given the tools to personally and professionally enrich others by dedicating themselves to raising awareness and much-needed funds for philanthropic endeavors.

Kelsey Golonka Teaching a Child

Our Goals:

  • To Offer a Venue Where Young Women from 14 to 28 Years Old in NH Can Grow Personally in Poise, Confidence, Goal-Setting, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Physical Fitness, & Self-Discipline
  • To Open Doors & Provide Career & Educational Opportunities, Not Only to the Winner but to All the Young Women Who Participate
  • To Provide a Positive Alternative to the Many Destructive Activities That Lure Our Young People Today
  • To Promote Our Sponsors Throughout the State
  • To Promote Involvement of Community Service Programs & Charities
  • To Promote Literacy Throughout the State as the Special Program of the MISS NEW HAMPSHIRE USA® Competition in Conjunction with MISS USA®
  • To Raise Awareness of Ovarian & Breast Cancer in Conjunction with MISS TEEN USA®
  • To Promote the Youth Anti-Drug Campaign

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